Temporary Road Work Signs in Southeast Michigan

State Barricades TTC Signs

The use of temporary traffic control (TTC) signage promotes the safety of road users, pedestrians, and workers on the road. The purpose of road work is to improve the lives of drivers by shortening or smoothing travel routes, creating new lanes, and improving traffic flow.

Do I Need A TTC Sign?

Any road undergoing construction, utility work, or incident management is required to have TTC signs to convey messages. Temporary traffic control zones should have warning signs to alert drivers that the usual route has changed and to be aware of obstructions. In a work zone, signs that are not visible due to dirt or wear can confuse drivers and cause serious accidents. While the roadway is being worked on, temporary traffic control signs help inform road users miles advance to prevent incidents within an area.

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What Kind of TTC’s Do You Offer?

A variety of Temporary Traffic Control Zone Signs are provided by State Barricades Inc. Our full line of regulatory traffic signs includes:

  • Speed Limit Change
  • Double Reverse Curve
  • Lane Closed Ahead
  • Right Lane Closed
  • Right Lane End
  • Left Lane Closed
  • TTC Zone
  • Road Work Ahead
  • Nighttime Closures
  • Work Zone
  • Stop Ahead
  • Custom Sign

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