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Increase Safety by Combining Our Traffic Control Equipment Services

State Barricades provides an extensive selection of equipment tailored for pedestrian safety. Whether you require traffic control measures to help your flagging operations or road construction project, each design integrates specific safety features. Contractors often combine multiple traffic equipment rentals to ensure quick traffic flow and complete protection against errant vehicles. Our wide range of traffic control rentals includes:

  • Barricades: Crucial for establishing a visible and secure barrier, aiding traffic control and safety measures.
  • Temporary Road Work Signs: Display essential information to drivers in work zones, ensuring awareness of ongoing construction activities.
  • Traffic Channelizer Delineator: Deliver clear guidance by designating traffic lanes and pathways, contributing to organized traffic flow.
  • Sand Filled Concrete Barriers: Versatile, sturdy, and protective barriers due to being filled with sand, these barriers can be used in various settings.
  • Glare Screen on Concrete Barrier: Diminishes glare for drivers, increasing safety and visibility, particularly during adverse weather conditions.
  • Permanent Sign Installation: Guarantees secure placement of road signs for traffic purposes such as managing a safe speed limit.
  • Portable Message Boards: Dynamic and easily transportable, these boards convey real-time information to drivers, facilitating communication in fluctuating conditions.
  • Traffic Channelizer Drum: Portable and practical, these drums guide traffic by delineating lanes and pathways.
  • Arrow Trailers: Also known as arrow boards, these are mobile directional indicators that improve safety and direct traffic flow in temporary or changing situations.
  • Water Filled Concrete Barrier Ending
  • Water Filled Barrier Wall: Providing stability with water filling, these barriers offer a versatile and temporary solution for traffic control.
  • Portable Traffic Signal: Facilitates temporary traffic control at intersections or work zones, increasing safety and coordination.
  • Traffic Cones: Versatile and easily deployable, traffic cones are indispensable for delineating lanes, marking hazards, and guiding traffic across various scenarios.

Our diverse inventory ensures you can rent the appropriate tools and equipment for safety in many settings. We are equipped to meet traffic control demands across different scenarios, offering everything from barricades to signage to ensure safety.

Save Lives With a Versatile Truck Mounted Attenuator Rental in Michigan

State Barricades provides truck mounted attenuators (TMA) used for temporary traffic control and safety purposes across Michigan. Attenuators can work as a mobile lane closure device that helps with crowd control and provides impact protection when your road work needs vehicle and traffic safety. Due to their crash cushion capabilities, they create a physical separation between lanes, guide traffic flow, and protect construction workers and pedestrians in work zones.

Truck mounted attenuators offer a quick and temporary solution, providing flexibility and mobility to construction crews. They can be easily deployed to different work zones, increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Truck-mounted attenuators are a versatile construction tool, providing a visible and sturdy barrier that improves road and work site safety. If you’re interested in cost-effective, highly visible traffic control equipment, contact State Barricades today.

What Is a Truck Mounted Attenuator?

A truck-mounted attenuator is a crucial safety device primarily used in highway construction zones and other high-risk areas where workers are exposed to traffic hazards. These attenuators are typically mounted on the rear of specialized trucks, such as maintenance vehicles or trucks used for roadwork. They are designed to absorb the impact of errant vehicles, thus reducing the severity of collisions and protecting both the workers and drivers.

There are several reasons why someone might need a truck-mounted attenuator. First, they provide a buffer zone between workers and oncoming traffic, minimizing the risk of injury or fatalities in a collision. This is particularly important when workers perform tasks near fast-moving traffic.

Additionally, they improve overall road safety by reducing the potential for secondary accidents caused by collisions with stationary vehicles or obstacles. Furthermore, they offer flexibility and mobility, allowing construction crews to quickly deploy them to different work zones as needed, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Overall, truck-mounted attenuators play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both workers and motorists in high-risk environments.

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