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In addition to the TMA, other traffic control devices are used in conjunction to ensure comprehensive traffic management. These include channelizing devices to guide vehicles through travel lanes, road work ahead signs, and other warning signs to alert drivers of upcoming road closures or lane changes. These measures are vital for keeping both workers and drivers safe, especially when work is taking place on the side of the roadway.

We offer a variety of traffic safety products designed for smart work zones, lane closures, and pedestrian safety. Each traffic assistance device serves its purpose, so combining multiple products achieves comprehensive coverage. Our selection includes:

For temporary traffic control, contact State Barricades. Based on your situation, our team can recommend the best combination of products and services for safety.

Rent a Truck Mounted Attenuator for Mobile Lane Closures in Michigan

State Barricades handles permanent traffic signage installation in Southeast Rent a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) for mobile lane closures in Michigan to ensure the highest level of safety for both workers and drivers. TMAs are essential for protecting work zones during road maintenance and construction projects, absorbing impacts from potential collisions, and reducing the risk of injury. Our TMAs are well-maintained and ready to provide the necessary protection for your mobile lane closures, single lane closures, and multiple lane closures.

With our rental services, you can efficiently manage traffic, provide advanced warning to drivers, and maintain smooth traffic flow through work zones. Contact us today to learn more about our TMA rental options and how they can enhance the safety and efficiency of your road work in Michigan.

What Is a Truck Mounted Attenuator?

A TMA is a crucial component in traffic management, especially during construction projects. It provides protection during mobile lane closures, single-lane closures, and multiple-lane closures and serves as an advanced warning device for drivers approaching a work zone.

Typically, a TMA is attached to the rear of a truck and positioned strategically to protect the workspace and crew from oncoming traffic. These devices play a key role in maintaining safety during road work by absorbing the impact of collisions, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

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