Traffic Barricades Equipment Rentals Southeast Michigan

Barricades can be used for a multitude of reasons—direct vehicles through construction zones, instruct pedestrians to form lines, alert drivers of specific conditions, crowd control, and many others. Regardless of your reason for traffic equipment rentals, State Barricades have you covered.

What Type of Barricade Do I Need?

The ultimate goal of any barricade is to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. For this reason, there are three different types of barricade options to choose from—type I, type II, and type III. Each type determines how many reflective rails there are on either side of the frame. Type I has one reflective rail, type II has two, and so on.

Choose from our various barricade options for all your preventative traffic needs.

Type III Barricades

ADA Pedestrian Type II Barricade

Low Profile Airport Barricade